CPCL invests INR 1,495 Cr. for automobile industry

11 September 2017

Chennai Petroleum Corporation (CPCL), a subsidiary of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), is planning to invest about INR 1,495 crore to produce BS-VI fuel for the automobile industry.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All the Indian refineries are required to produce BS-VI specification auto fuels, effective from April 2020, in order to reduce sulphur content in automotive fuels, to improve environmental aspects.

CPCL has initiated measures to revamp diesel hydro-treating (DHDT) unit capacity and to set up a new FCCU gasoline treatment plant to meet HSD and MS quality standards, respectively.

Further, to meet the requirement of BS-VI petrol norms, installation of new FCC gasoline desulphurisation unit with a capacity of 0.6 mtpa along with other associated facilities, is under implementation. The project is expected to be mechanically completed by June 2019.

CPCL’s refinery expansion plans in the Cauvery basin refinery in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu is awaiting for various regulator approvals for further procedures.

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