BPDB signs PPA with NutanBidyut for electricity

11 September 2017

The state-owned Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) signed the power purchase agreement (PPA) with NutanBidyut Bangladesh Limited, a newly formed power company by ShapoorjiPallonji Group of India, for procuring 220 MW electricity in the country.


The ShapoorjiPallonji will set up the duel fuel power plant at Borhanuddin island of Bhola district and start commercial operation by December 2019.

The BPDB would purchase electricity from the plant for next 22 years at tariff of 3.9830 US Cent (equivalent to Tk 3.1864 per unit) per kilowatt hour for gas-fired generation and 16.9621 US Cent (equivalent to Tk 13.57 per unit) when the plant will run by diesel at 212 MW capacity.

Urging the Indian company to complete its project before the next general election, the government has a plan to increase power generation by 2,000 MW each year.

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