India to achieve 7.2% of ethanol blending with petrol

09 April 2019

India is set to close in on the highest ever of 7.2% of ethanol blending with petrol in the current season (December 2018–November 2019).

Ethanol blending with petrol
Source: Google

The current consumption of fuel sets 3300 M liters of ethanol requirement to achieve 10% of blending target by 2022 for the entire country excluding J&K, North Eastern States, and island territories. For the current season itself i.e. 2018 19, however, sugar mills in India have contracted for the supply of 2370 M liters which works out to 7.2% of the petrol consumption in India. On average, all India ethanol blending with petrol achieved last year in 2017 18 was 4.22%.

This is the highest ethanol supply contracts Indian distilleries have ever achieved.

The achievement is significant as the new Bio-fuel Policy has fixed a target of achieving 20% ethanol blending with petrol by 2030. Internally, the government is targeting to achieve 10% of ethanol blending with petrol by 2022.

The new Bio-fuel Policy allows the use of other than molasses as a feedstock to manufacture ethanol in the country. This includes sugarcane juice, damaged foodgrains, rotten potato, corn, surplus foodgrains, if any, etc.

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