Oil India plans Rs 3.5bn exploratory drilling project

11 June 2019

Oil India Ltd plans to invest around 3.50bn rupees for exploratory drilling and testing of hydrocarbons at seven locations in Assam's Tinsukia district.

Drilling and testing of hydrocarbons

According to the company official, geo-scientific data shows that oil and gas bearing sands are continuous below the riverbed and beneath parts of the national park. Oil India plans to drill at all the seven locations using its existing surface well pads that are outside the boundary of the national park. The estimated cost per well is pegged at around 500M rupees.

Oil India will employ extended reach drilling technology for the project in order to not drill vertically at locations inside the national park, the official said.

The surface locations for drilling are in the producing North-Hapjan-Tinsukia-Dhola field of Oil India. The company has already received clearance from the Standing Committee of National Board of Wildlife and is in the process of receiving other approvals from various government bodies.

Oil India estimates drilling and testing activity at each of the seven locations to take three to four months. The company plans to start work on the project immediately after receiving all necessary approvals, the official said.

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