28 pacts signed to boost agri, fisheries sector

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources signed 28 land usufruct contracts with several private sector institutions to establish agricultural and fisheries projects in various governorates.

The total value of the contracts is over RO 33M and the projects are spread over an area of more than 8mn sqm.

The projects, he asserted, aim to achieve self-sufficiency in some crops, provide job opportunities, and raise the sector’s contribution to GDP.

A fin fish farming project in floating cages in the wilayat of Seeb will come up on an area of 1.5mn sqm at a cost of RO 29.65M. A RO137,000 project for rabbit breeding is planned for the wilayat of Seeb on an area of 16,380sqm.

In the wilayat of Sunaynah, wheat, vegetables, and lemon will be grown on farms spread over 840,000sqm, with the value of the project being RO280,000.

Seasonal fodder cultivation will take place in Mahdah on an area of 210,000sqm, valued at RO147,000.

The contracts in Dakhliyah governorate include the establishment of two projects for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. Of these, one will come up in Bahla at a cost of RO89,000, and one in Izki at a cost of RO100,000.

A poultry farming project will be established in Bidbid at a cost of RO20,000.

Projects have been lined up for Suwaiq to grow vegetables and fruits, raise livestock and produce fodder, at a total value of RO630,000.

A project has been approved for Barka to grow vegetables and fruits at a cost of RO86,000. A mango plantation, costing RO600,000, has also been finalised in the wilayat.

A project to grow vegetables and fruits will come up in Nakhl costing RO94,000, and a poultry project in Rustaq will cost RO56,000.

Another project for cultivation of vegetables and fruits will be set up in Mussanah at a cost of RO100,000.

For the South Sharqiyah governorate, two agreements were signed to establish two projects for cultivation of vegetables and fruits in the wilayat of Al Kamil Wa al Wafi at a combined cost of RO80,000.
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