AERB permits power start-up of Kudankulam-2, India

Atomic Energy Regulatory Body (AERB) recently gave a permit for the power rise of the reactor plant, thus, the Nuclear Power Corporation of India obtained from the atomic regulator the permit for power start-up of Kudankulam NPP second unit.
“The start of operations for bringing the reactor power unit to the minimum controllable power level is planned, with subsequent loading of the reactor up to the level of 30% of the nominal neutron power”, said Mr. Andrey Lebedev, Vice-president for projects in South Asia of ASE Group of Companies, “The Customer’s planned deadline for connection of Kudankulam NPP second unit to the national Grid is August 27-28, 2016”.
Recently, power unit №2 of Kudankulam NPP constructed in India under technical support of ASE Group of Companies, was risen to the minimum controllable power level (MCL). All the works were performed by Russian and Indian specialist in the mode of automatic operations, in strict compliance with the schedule and safety regulations. The permit for loading was obtained from the supervisory body of India (AERB) after the detailed review of all Safety Reports prepared earlier.

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