Axens to provide dehydration technology for Qatargas

After a worldwide competitive bidding process, Axens was selected by Qatargas-appointed EPC contractor Medgulf Construction Company to provide a new Tri-ethylene Glycol (TEG) dehydration unit for integration into the CO2 Sequestration and Export Facilities Project at Ras Laffan, Qatar. 
The Oil and Gas industry is using innovative solutions to reduce its carbon emissions and this is exemplified by the initiative undertaken by Qatar Petroleum (QP). Several new facilities, being built as part of the project by Qatargas, will support QP’s CO2 Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) initiative.
With water contained in the CO2-rich stream (≥ 98 vol%), a gas dehydration technology is required to avoid the risk of pipeline corrosion. Axens’ solution was selected and is based on TEG technology, which absorbs the water contained in the CO2-rich stream counter-currently by lean TEG in a gas/glycol contactor. The TEG unit will include three high-pressure contactors, three high-pressure separators, and one common TEG regeneration delivered in modules.
“Axens is delighted to be part of this key project and to support QP and Qatargas’ sustainability strategy. The project will benefit from Axens’ engineering capabilities for modules delivery and Axens’ expertise with proven technologies with more than 300 TEG references and an experience exceeding 40 years. This project is another new reference in CO₂ dehydration and strengthens Axens role in CO₂ capture and energy transition”, said Rachid Chennit, Gas Business Group Director, Process Licensing Business Unit at Axens.
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