Bespoke double block and bleed valve for ME client

Oliver Valves has done it once again… “A Value Engineering Project” for a well-known Middle East customer. 
The customer was using a combination of several valves and fittings to achieve the hook-up. Oliver’s Middle East Sales Team worked hard with the end-user, Christmas tree manufacturer, integrator, and in-house engineering to provide a value-engineered product over several months. Design reviews included orientation of valve handles, ports, pressure gauges, and clash analysis of valves, handles, and pressure gauges in a very confined space, and of course weight reductions needed by the client.
This finally ended up in a bespoke designed double block and bleed with extra test port to give a much smaller, safer installation, avoiding extra leak paths, a significant reduction in weight (over 50%), thus reducing cost and eliminating vibrations and frequent replacements.
The complete supply is in 6Mo material, 10,000 psi rated with handle locking, anti-tamper vent facility, maintaining the minimum bore of 5mm. Supplied with fully traceable 3.1B materials for all wetted components.
So far Oliver Valves has supplied over 300 of these valves and this will now become the standard hook up for the future.
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