Borouge supplies piping solutions for sugar refineries

Borouge, a petrochemicals company that provides innovative, value-creating polyolefin solutions, is supplying its raw materials to the Egypt-based Emirati Jenaan Pipes & Irrigations Systems company (JPIS) to manufacture irrigation pipe systems for one of the world’s largest sugar refineries in Egypt. JPIS has already started installing its pipes which were manufactured using Borouge’s BorSafe™ HE3490 LS PE100 materials which eliminate water leakage from irrigation systems. The sugar refinery is scheduled to be operational in June 2022. 
The strategic partnership between Borouge and JPIS, supported by the Abu Dhabi Exports Office (ADEX) funds, will not only reinforce the UAE’s export economy as part of the country’s National Economic Diversification Strategy but will also support the Egyptian economy and food security needs.
JPIS produces polyethylene pipes ranging from 32-milimeter (mm) to 600 mm in diameter for more than 700 pivot systems. The water will be drawn from wells drilled into the Nubian aquifer to irrigate an area of 76,000 hectares, to produce 2.5 million tonnes of sugar beetroot annually.
Once operational, the new sugar refinery will produce between 170,000 to 1 million tonnes of sugar. The project is very important and strategic for Egypt because it will contribute to reducing Egypt’s reliance on sugar imports by 80%.
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