BPCL revamps Isomerization unit to produce hexane

A brilliant innovation at Mumbai Refinery which resulted in making India, the first in the history of refining, to produce stringent quality hexane as a byproduct along with isomerate from its Isomerization unit. This was done by delving into an unchartered territory. This Isomerization unit has the world’s first top divided wall column.

Source: Bharat Petroleum

Semi regeneration reformer at BPCL Mumbai Refinery was being revamped into an isomerization unit to take India on the road of total Bharat Stage (BS) IV motor spirit sufficiency.

This revamped isomerization unit is inclusive of a divided wall column. Mumbai Refinery chose to incorporate a divided wall column in the design of the unit, in line with its aptitude of ‘the fore-runner’ in the Industry.

Isomerization unit, licensed by M/s GTC Technology, LLC was commissioned at Mumbai Refinery in March 2017. Ever since, hexane of world class specification is being co-produced from the unit. This isomerization unit has modified the product slate of the refinery by moving from production of ‘food grade’ hexane to ‘pharmaceutical’ and ‘polymer’ grade hexane thereby increasing BPCL’s market share.

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