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Fast-track valve overhaul in South Asia

Valve overhauls demand very best from supervisors and technicians. Team led by Vivek Sharma went the extra mile to complete the work.

Oxford Flow gas regulators succeed with no maintenance requirements

Installed in UK gas network, gas regulators from Oxford Flow approaching four-year period of operation with no required maintenance.

Annual Conference 2023 and CEO Meets of IVAMA Association

Indian Valve and Actuator Manufacturers Association has planned its Annual Conference 2023 on September 15th, 2023, at Sofitel Mumbai BKC.

Valmet and Neles: forward together with a stronger base

For decades, Neles has enjoyed recognition as best-in-class player in the world of valves and valve automation.

Understanding valve failures pays dividends

Performing a proper failure analysis can help prevent future failures, delivering significant costs savings for plant owners.

The advantages of high-pressure recovery control valves

Widely applied and appreciated in gas turbine use, high-pressure recovery control valves have yet to make real inroads in other applications.

Nanotechnology in paint coatings

In the fourth of his series of six articles on coatings, Prof. A S Khanna, Chairman SSPC India, addresses nanotechnology in paint coatings.

How Aramco is safeguarding pipeline valves

Article introduces Aramco’s pipelines, provides overview of valves used in them and goes into company’s Valve Reliability Management Program.

Managing wear in severe services

Wear in valves is important concern for plant owners and operators. Eroded valves can have long-term effect on functioning and profitability.

IVAMA Association plans another Customer Focussed Event

IVAMA Association plans another Customer Focussed Event. It was decided to organize an Annual Conference on September 15th, 2023 in Mumbai.