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Our Featured articles are long reads that require more reading time than our news articles. In this section, you can find our cover stories, compelling content featuring prominent manufacturers, end-user interview with valve experts around the world, in-depth technical articles and interesting project reports from various industries, ranging from oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to power generation, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries.

Innovating for the world: meet Magwen at FCE India 2022 this October

Mr Bhowmick Shah’s passion for flow control started in childhood when he would spend holidays working in various factories owned by family members.

Valve Barometer: taking the pulse of the valve industry

Benchmarking is key to understanding a company’s position in the marketplace, and business confidence is a vital element of the puzzle. To unlock this insight, Resolute Research recently launched the Valve Barometer – a monthly indicator of business confidence in the global valve industry, based on a survey of valve and actuator manufacturers.

How innovative valve technology can eliminate millions of tonnes of fugitive emissions

The world is cracking down on methane emissions. As of November 2021, nearly 90 countries have committed to the Global Methane Pledge, an initiative to reduce global methane emissions by at least 30 per cent from 2020 levels by 2030. Demonstrating global leadership at COP26, President Biden committed the US to an ‘aggressive’ target to reduce methane emissions by about 50 per cent below 2005 levels.

IVAMA Association – Exciting Time Ahead

The Union budget announcement to raise government capital expenditure by 35.4 per cent to Rs 7.50 lakh crores and increased orders for local defense companies will lead to additional orders for Indian companies. The increased capex outlay further demonstrates the intent of the government to create the necessary impetus for the economy.

Iris valves explained

Iris valves are very much niche items in the world of flow control. Nevertheless, such valves can be the ideal solution for more applications that might be imagined. For some inside information, VWIME visited Emile Egger in Switzerland, home of the Iris® diaphragm control valve, where we spoke to Marketing Manager Mr. Thomas Bleif.

Meet Mr. Subhash Kasar: Building relationships based on trust

This will hardly come as a surprise to readers of VWIME, but the flow control sector in India is currently riding a huge wave. Project activities have driven demand for valves to such exceptional levels that valve makers are working flat out to meet demand. This editor was very appreciative, then, when Mr. Kasar found space in his packed schedule to discuss his new position with SchuF Specialty Valves India and the road he has travelled to get there.

Hydrogen readiness of valves

With hydrogen seen by many as a key contributor to solving climate change, there is a pressing need for reliable, proven equipment. When it comes to valves for pure hydrogen and hydrogen mixtures, Mokveld can point to over thirty years of experience.

Why we need Subject Matter Experts

Seasoned industry expert Mr. Mrinal Das kindly discusses his new role with specialty chemical manufacturer Dorf Ketal and looks at some of the valve challenges currently being faced. Along the way, he highlights the huge potential for young engineers to develop rewarding careers in flow control, and encourages them to become Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

GAIL to build India’s first PDH plant

Hearing interesting news that GAIL is planning to build India’s first propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant at Usar, VWIME decided to dig deeper into this project, along the way looking up the technologies currently used for PDH plants and unearthing some of the considerations associated with valve usage within PDH systems.

“It’s time to encourage gender equality”

Having worked hard to achieve a top job within the valve industry, Ms. Radhika Pawar (Pawar Industries) knows at first hand the extra challenges facing women in this sector. Nevertheless, hers is a voice of positivity, encouraging the next generation of female students to aspire to roles in production, design and engineering. Ms. Radhika is adamant that more inclusivity would give women greater self-esteem and have a beneficial impact on society as a whole.