Ceit-IK4 to optimize wastewater treatment

The SARASWATI project, whose aim is to improve wastewater treatment in India, has come to a close. Given that one of the main causes of a large number of diseases that affect India’s population is due is the issue of poor hygiene, projects like this one help improve the quality of people’s lives.
The project undertook a thorough evaluation of the technologies that exist in India for treating, recovering and reusing wastewater. At the same time, a semi-industrial-scale pilot project was implemented in order to test the different wastewater treatments used extensively in Europe and determine which could be feasibly deployed in India on a large scale.
Ceit-IK4 played a fundamental role in the evaluation of the technologies that are implemented in India and of the technologies that were used in the pilot studies. Ceit-IK4 also designed and built a composting reactor that was installed in a wastewater treatment plant in Mumbai.
The SARASWATI project—Supporting consolidation, replication and up-scaling of sustainable wastewater treatment and reuse technologies for India—was funded by the European Commission and had 7 institutions from Europe participating with various institutions in India.

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