Dastur, GTI to develop low carbon gasification solution

Dastur Energy Pvt. Ltd. India (Dastur) has entered into an agreement with Gas Technology Institute (GTI) to jointly develop solutions to advance the transition to low-carbon, low-cost energy systems in India. 
Dastur, a leading clean energy engineering firm with deep roots in the Indian market and extensive design and solution engineering expertise, will complement GTI’s unique experience with gasification of high ash coals and U-GASTM fluidized bed technology.
Together, they will collaborate to lower costs and minimize environmental impacts with scalable gasification-based solutions for a range of Indian coals.
As part of India’s clean energy and energy security goals, the Government of India has initiated several missions, including budget outlays for coal gasification and new clean energy carriers like hydrogen and methanol. Specifically, the Prime Minister’s Coal Gasification Mission has a stated goal of gasifying 100 million tons of coal by 2030 with a potential investment budget of 4 Lac Crore Rupees (about USD 50bn).
Coal gasification, combined with carbon capture, use, and storage, is expected to be the basis for affordable clean fuels and feedstock substitution for producing clean steel, hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, and other lower-carbon chemicals. The Coal Gasification Mission of India and the Ministry of Coal are currently shaping the direction of these important initiatives.
Dastur and GTI intend to provide integrated solutions for the widest range of Indian coals with complete gasifier process design packages, technology licensing and gas conditioning know-how, comprehensive engineering for the gasifier and other plant components, implementation support, project management, operations training, plant start-up, and commissioning.
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