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Mr David Sear, Editor, Valve World India & Middle East



et me lay my cards on the table …. I love valves and actuators and have done so ever since I started work with the Valve World brand of magazines and journals back in the 1990s. Why? Well, a multitude of reasons really. Firstly, valves absolutely perform a fundamental role in our modern society … take away valves, and there would be no oil and gas industry, no refineries, no power plants, no wastewater treatment, no desalination, no dairies, no pharmaceutical facilities…. the list of applications is endless for these unsung heroes.

On a technical level too, valves are fascinating devices. Consider this: valves are expected to be able to contain and control even high-pressure liquids or noxious media whilst not allowing any inline leaks or fugitive emissions. Moreover, valves have to be easy to manufacture, maintain and operate. Think how challenging these diverse requirements are for a moment. That is why I have the deepest respect for valves and of course the dedicated people who work in the flow control industry.

It therefore my ongoing privilege to edit Valve World India & Middle East, which disseminates informative and interesting information about valves and actuators to the entire supply chain: manufacturers, sub-suppliers, distributors, stockists, agents, engineering companies, design houses, systems integrators and of course end users.

If you wish to join the community, please do register for our free digital magazine and newsletter, meet me and our group via LinkedIn and feel free to forward contributions, news and ideas large and small to my attention. (d.sear@kci-world.com)

Finally, permit me to share a personal snapshot. Born and bred in the UK, I studied chemistry at York University before moving to the Netherlands in 1986. Free time is spent playing with the grandchildren, modern ballroom dancing, volunteering on an organic farm and reading.