Energy Recovery awarded $2.7 M for desalination

Energy Recovery, Inc., the specialist in pressure energy technology for industrial fluid flows, has recently declared total awards of $2.7 million to supply its PX Pressure Exchanger technology for desalination projects in the Middle East.

The orders are expected to ship in 2017. Energy Recovery will supply its PX-Q300 & PX-Q260 Pressure Exchanger devices for the plants, which will produce up to 114,000 cubic meters of water per day. The company estimates the PX devices will reduce the power consumption for the projects by 14.5 MW, saving over 125 GWh of energy per year, and help them avoid 74,800 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Energy Recovery’s President and CEO Joel Gay stated, “Energy Recovery’s strategy for 2016 included a tenacious focus on the Middle East as a critical region for our desalination business. With these awards, we continue to deliver on our promise to expand our presence in the region and maintain our position as the global leader in energy recovery technology.”

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