Flow control treatment revenues to reach USD 12B

Flow control and treatment revenues in India will grow by more than 8 percent this year and reach USD 12B in 2017.  The Indian economy is now the world’s 9th largest. GDP growth is forecast to exceed 7 percent.
In the air segment, revenues of USD 2.7B will be achieved in 2017.  The leading product will be fabric filters which are used in air pollution control in many industries. Most of the revenues of USD 801M for electrostatic precipitators will be generated in the power industry. However, the power sector will spend little on flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and NOx reduction.
Liquid treatment revenues will reach USD 2.6B in 2017 with each of the four segments sharing the market fairly equally. The big change over the last few years has been the increased market share for cross-flow membranes. Industrial valve and pump revenues will be widely spread across industries such as power, refining, municipal water and wastewater, chemicals, food, mining and pharmaceuticals.

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