Fluence wins first desalination contract in Egypt

Fluence Corporation (FLC) has secured a Niroflex contract with an industrial company based in Egypt. The Niroflex process trains will desalinate 9,600 m3 /day of brackish water and the project is anticipated to be completed during 2022. The facility will eventually be increased to approximately five times this capacity although the timing and financial terms of follow-on orders are not yet known. 
Commenting on these achievements, Fluence Chairman and CEO Richard Irving said: “We are very pleased that Fluence was chosen due to our numerous successful NIROBOX and Niroflex deployments in the Middle East. The Middle East is an important region for us both for desalination products and our MABR wastewater treatment solutions. This contract further increases our 2022 contracted backlog for Smart Product Solutions (SPS) which was already 65% higher entering 2022 than 2021.”
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