Fuel Tech awarded APC orders totaling $5.3m

Fuel Tech, Inc. (FTEK), a technology company providing advanced engineering solutions for the optimization of combustion systems, emissions control, and water treatment in utility and industrial applications has announced the receipt of multiple air pollution control (APC) contracts from customers in India, South Africa, the US, and China. These awards have an aggregate value of approximately USD 5.3M. 
A contract was received for two Flue Gas Conditioning (FGC) systems for large coal-fired boilers in India. The scope includes the engineering design, supply of key components, and startup support for the FGC project. Fuel Tech is working with a local project partner in India who is supplying the basic equipment and providing the installation scope for the project. FGC technology uses sulfur trioxide as a conditioning reagent to improve the efficiency of electrostatic precipitators (ESPs), which are used to capture fly ash particulate from coal-fired boilers.
An order was received for an ESP upgrade on a large coal-fired utility boiler in South Africa to reduce particulate emissions. This contract includes the engineering design for the overall ESP upgrade and key equipment components for the project, along with startup and optimization services. 
An award for a US project was received for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology including a ULTRA® system, that will be installed to treat process gas from a kiln at a chemical processing facility. SCR technology uses a catalyst along with urea or ammonia as the reagent to provide high levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction.
Two additional orders in the US were received for ULTRA systems. The first contract was for two ULTRA units deployed on natural gas-fired package boiler units which generate process steam at a food processing facility on the West Coast. The second ULTRA order is for a gas-fired combustion turbine at a municipal power generation facility in the Northeast.
The final US contract was received for a Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) system for a waste incinerator. Fuel Tech’s SNCR technology is a proven solution for utility and industrial combustion unit owners looking to comply with more stringent NOx control requirements. In China, a NOxOUT® system order was received to treat process gases at a glass fabrication facility.
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