Goa-SEIAA approves domestic biogas plant

The Goa State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (Goa-SEIAA) has granted environment clearance for a residential complex in Panaji, with the condition that wet waste generated in the complex should be processed into biogas and used for cooking purposes by the residents. 
The Goa-SEIAA has asked that rooftop rainwater harvesting be set up in the complex and a part of the power requirement of the housing complex be met using solar energy.
“Biodegradable waste shall be treated in a biogas plant and the biogas shall be utilised for cooking within the residential complex. The local authority should ensure compliance to this,” the Goa-SEIAA said.
The complex will come upon an area of 10,000sqm in Panaji.
“Every major consumer of conventional power will have to generate and opt for a certain percentage of power generation from non-conventional sources. Project Proponent (PP) should necessarily make appropriate provision while constructing the roof-tops at the time of construction stage only to enable installation of solar panels,” the authority has said.
In addition, south-facing walls should be utilised to install solar panels to harness optimum solar energy, it has said.
“Use of solar panels may be done to the extent possible like installing solar street lights, common solar water heater system,” the Goa-SEIAA has said.
The PP should adopt rooftop rainwater conservation measures to optimally utilise the water availability by constructing sumps for the collection of rainwater, the environment clearance states.
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