IVAMA Association achieves a Milestone of 75 Members

IVAMA achieves a Milestone: FEATURED STORY 75 Members Strong

IVAMA Association is very pleased to inform that an impressive milestone has been achieved – we are 75 members strong now. We feel it is a commendable achievement. Sincere thanks to all member companies who have reposed faith in working together for the betterment of our industry.

By R Muruganantham, Director General, IVAMA Association

IVAMA Association’s services and activities which are very beneficial to manufacturers and the industry are summarised below:

  • The association is an active member of CII/ASCON and FICCI/CMSME and participates in their activities to promote the interests of our industry and to get the benefit of larger fraternity. Regular updates on economy and government policies received from these associations are shared with our members.
  • We are also a member in Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) MED 17 and MED 30 Sectional Committees to involve our industry in formulation and review of valve, actuator and sealing elements standards. As BIS is a member of ISO Technical Management Bord (TMB), we also get latest information on ISO standards.
  • The association regularly conducts CEOs’ meets to discuss issues facing our industry.  Webinars on topical issues are conducted to help members share their experience and expertise developed.
  • We conducted CEO Meet 2021 in Coimbatore, Annual Conference & CEO Meet 2022 in New Delhi and Valve Technology Conclave 2022 in Coimbatore along with CII. Many interesting and useful presentations were made, and these provided very good networking opportunities for members with customers/consultants. Technical seminar on “Metal Bellows” used in critical valves is planned, partnering with world leader Witzenmann, in March 2023 in Coimbatore.
  • An important objective of IVAMA is technical training. 14 technical webinars covering valve and actuator design, selection and technology were conducted from Sep 2020 to Dec 2020 to enhance the skill set of young engineers in the industry. A session of seven webinars was conducted in May–Jun 2022.
  • We negotiate with exhibitions e.g. Valve World, ChemTech, etc. and get discount for our members.
  • Another important objective is to provide market Information so members can get useful input and plan their growth. IVAMA has published the first credible and comprehensive report on the industry. The objective of the report is to be the single source of all manufacturing and buying of industrial valves & actuators in India. This shall be very useful for members as well as for the whole industry including the supply chain and the customers. This shall also be valuable for international customers looking for a credible single point source of information. The report was released in 2021, with the latest market analysis planned for 2023.
  • Regular information on domestic tenders is circulated to interested members on daily basis to keep track of market requirements. With help of Valve World organization, project details in India, Middle East and Americas are shared with all members.
  • The price of raw materials plays very important role in overall profitability of an organization as material cost is quite significant in valves and actuators. As it is prudent to know metal prices and trends, we subscribe to Minerals & Metals Review (MMR) Weekly – Digital Edition and circulate the same to our members. We also prepare and circulate monthly reports on metal price and forecast of important raw materials, petrol/diesel price, and foreign exchange rate. We are a member of Institute of Indian Foundrymen (IIF) to share useful information.
  • The association has WhatsApp group for our members so they can share issues, seek suggestions and inform their achievement. We have LinkedIn account wherein important information is shared in addition to emails. Quarterly Newsletter is also published to share new projects, members’ achievements, people, new products, new standards, etc.
  • Coming together is a beginning – Keeping together is progress – Working together is success

IVAMA Association is very pleased to inform the following companies have become members of the association recently – Tubefit Engineers, Vasai, as Manufacturer Member and Vinir Engineering, Bangalore and Witzenmann India, Chennai as Associate Members.

About IVAMA Association

We look forward to enthusiastic participation of all members in the activities of IVAMA Association. Membership is also available to valve and actuator manufacturers, supply chain companies and engineering back offices. Interested companies may register for membership by logging on the website (https://www.ivama.in/register).

R Muruganantham, Director General, IVAMA Association, www.ivama.in; Admin@ivama.in, +91 9841289271.

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