^ Union budget announcement to raise  government capital expenditure by 35.4 per  cent to Rs 7.50 lakh crores and increased  orders for local defense companies will lead  to additional orders for Indian companies

Article By David Sear,

Increasing capital expenditure is a good move to revive private companies. The massive hike in public investment will be the booster dose to restart corporate investments. This statement of intent is clearly supported by a plan for the future and backed by allocations—specifically in the areas of infrastructure, digital transition, planet resilience, education and health—to support Indian ambitions. Continuing down this path, it isn’t hard to imagine India becoming a digitally-forward, sustainable global superpower by the end of this decade.
Interesting announcement related to our industry are: drinking water projects which was allocated Rs 60,000 crore, four pilot projects for setting up coal gasification. The special assistance to states for capital expenditure has been increased which is expected to support the order inflows for local companies. On defence orders, the finance minister said 68 per cent of the capital procurement budget will be earmarked for domestic industry in 2022-23, up from 58 per cent in 2021-22.
Green hydrogen is becoming more and more popular globally. Government of India has announced many initiatives to maximizing the production. On 15th August 2021, our Prime Minister, flagged the launch of a National Hydrogen Mission and announced his decision to transform India into a global hub for green hydrogen production and export. As a result, companies in India have started making the switch. Major companies that are leading the revolution are: RIL, GAIL, NTPC, IOCL, and L&T. GOI has also released a policy on 17th February 2022.
To familiarize its member about the various processes to produce green hydrogen, IVAMA Association organized a technical webinar by Mr Darayas Bhappoo, Founder and Director, Green Genesis, Mumbai. It covered overview, various colours & production methods of hydrogen, types of electrolysers, hydrogen transportation options, demand & applications (industry-wise) , Niti Ayogs push for green hydrogen, upcoming projects, and future in India.
IVAMA Association conducted its ninth board meeting on 20th January 2022. CEOs of Founding and Executive Member companies actively participated in the meeting. Many interesting points were discussed and decided to take them forward. 
• Monthly Technical Webinars: From the year 2022, it is planned to organize a Technical Webinar every month on current topics of interest. In January 2022, webinar on “Green Hydrogen” was conducted with overwhelming response. 
• Technical Webinars for Skill Development: This year it is planned to conduct the program in two sessions (Basic Program in Apr-Jun and Advance Program in Oct Dec). Topics covered are: Different Types of Valves and Selection; Codes and Standards for Valves and Actuators; Materials of Construction – Shell and Trim Components; Valve Operation and Pressure Testing of Valves; Gearboxes and Actuators; Functional Qualification Tests; Design Methodology; Sealing Technology; Fugitive Emissions; Painting and Final Product Packaging.
We look forward to enthusiastic participation of all members in the activities of IVAMA Association. Membership is available to valve and actuator manufacturers, supply chain companies and engineering back offices. 
Interested companies may register for membership by logging on the website (https://www.ivama.in/register). 
R Muruganantham, Director General, IVAMA Association, www.ivama.in; Admin@ivama.in, +91 9841289271

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