Mathura refinery gets green nod for expansion project

Indian Oil Corporation’s Mathura refinery has received environmental clearance for projects to expand its crude processing capacity to 11 mmtpa, a senior official of the refinery said. Mathura Refinery has a processing capacity of 8 mmtpa, at present. 
The refinery has been accorded environmental clearance for residue up-gradation and distillate yield improvement project with 11 MMTPA crude processing, Mathura Refinery head, and executive director Asis Kumar Maiti told PTI.
He said the proposal would generate employment opportunities (direct and indirect).
Mathura Refinery, since its inception, has shown its concern for the environment through the plantation and reducing sulphur content in diesel and petrol produced at the unit, officials stated. It has set up air monitoring stations at Farah, Keetham, Sikandara, and Bharatpur to ascertain air quality in the area.
The refinery has undertaken projects to upgrade its diesel and gasoline units to bring down sulphur level by nearly 80%, Maiti said.
With the commissioning of these facilities, Mathura Refinery is now supplying 100% of its MS (petrol) and HSD (diesel) meeting BSVI norms, the officials added.
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