Metso’s performance oriented new valve controller

The Neles NDX® is Metso’s latest addition to its valve controller offering. The new valve controller is suited for a wide range of customer applications, regardless of industry or the brand of valves being used.

The Neles NDX offers control accuracy that can ensure production quality and minimize the amount of production losses. It can also assist in the optimization of raw material, chemical and energy consumption.

The diagnostics of the Neles NDX provide up-to-date information on control valve performance, enabling improvements in process efficiency. Features, such as the easy to use performance view that summarizes control valve condition and performance on one page, and the unique On-line valve signature that helps efficiently predict the need for preventive maintenance, all help to optimize the efficiency, profitability, reliability and safety of processes. The NDX includes online remote control valve monitoring as well as a set of offline tests for condition evaluation.

The new touch user interface enables fast start-up and regular operations. The simplicity of installation improves safety during both the installation process and the operations that follow.

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