NRL’s capacity expansion cost escalates by 5,432 cr

Numaligarh Refinery Ltd. (NRL) said the cost of its capacity expansion project has escalated by Rs 5,432 crore to Rs 28,026 crore due to the adoption of advanced technology.
In an official release, the largest PSU refiner in the northeast said the Union Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas has already approved the revised project cost for increasing capacity from 3 million metric tonnes per annum to 9 MMTPA.
"With the adoption of state-of-the-art technology in this configuration and the addition of extremely complex schemes like residue hydrocracking, the refinery will be able to process heavier crude oil and maximize production of distillates. This adoption of technology led to an increase in the project cost from Rs 22,594 crore to Rs 28,026 crore," it added.
The initially planned configuration of the upcoming 6-MMTPA unit has been improved to make it petrochemical ready, focusing on upgradation of refinery residue by using new technology, NRL said.
"In the intervening period between the original planning of the refinery configuration for expansion and the present market scenario, NRL has tapped the opportunity of Residue Upgradation Technology and availability of natural gas to revise this configuration.
"The configuration and unit design is targeted to achieve best in class energy efficiency on global benchmarking. With increased distillate yield, the refiner will also be able to increase its LPG production, thereby eliminating LPG deficit in the northeastern region," the release said.
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