Omani startup produces Blue Ammonia from mineralisation

In a first for the Sultanate Oman, 44.01 (a local Omani technology start-up) has carried out a pilot project to produce Blue Ammonia. This project was made possible by 44.01’s CO2 mineralisation process, which turns captured CO2 into rock, making the Blue Ammonia using mineralisation. 
Blue chemicals such as Blue Ammonia and Blue Hydrogen are made by removing surplus CO2 emissions which have been captured during the manufacturing process.
44.01 carried out a pilot project where they took captured CO2 from an ammonia plant and turned that captured CO2 into rock using their mineralisation technology.
This is a potential solution that can help the nation’s energy and industrial sectors to decarbonise, in line with the Sultanate of Oman’s commitments to decarbonisation under the Paris Agreement.
Talal Hasan, co-founder, and CEO, 44.01, commented: “What’s exciting is that ammonia is just one product we can turn Blue. We can replicate this for any other chemical which has CO2 emissions and can help multiple industries decarbonise their products with our technology.”
“We are so excited to have produced Oman’s first Blue Ammonia and the Blue Ammonia using mineralisation. Although this was just a demonstration with small quantities, this is something we can scale up to give industries in Oman an edge over their competitors globally.”
“As part of this pilot, we made around 500kgs of Blue Ammonia. We will be looking to ramp this up as we scale our technology,” he added.
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