ONGC Board approves development of five projects

ONGC Board approved development of five projects, which will lead to production of 14.969 MMT of oil and 2.972 BCM of gas.
Ratna-R Series fields project comprises drilling and completion of 31 wells, installation of 5 new well platforms including 1 riser cum well head platform with associated pipelines, revival of one platform and hiring of jack up MOPU having oil and gas processing facilities.
Santhal oil field  project comprises a redevelopment in which 129 new wells are to be drilled. It also includes revamping and upgradation of 2 GGS-cum-CTFs in the field and construction of a new ETP of 4000 m3/d capacity.
B-147 development involves drilling of 3 new wells, installation of a new 4 slot well head platform with pipelines and modification in two existing platforms.
The BSE-11 Block project involves creation of facilities in the form of one new 6 slot wellhead platform along with associated pipeline, topside modification of two existing process platforms and drilling of two wells.
The 4th Phase of Development of NBP field envisages drilling of 6 new wells with electrical submersible pump system, installation of 1 new well platform and 3 well clamp-on structure along with associated pipelines and power cables.

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