QS Energy’s AOT technology considered by producers

QS Energy, Inc., a developer of integrated technology solutions for the energy industry, has recently engaged in discussions with two of the world’s largest crude oil producing nations in the Middle East to provide deployment strategies for the Company’s AOT Viscosity/Pressure Drop Reduction technology. Under a non-disclosure agreement with one of these entities, QS Energy will be testing customer-provided crude oil samples at Temple University’s Department of Physics laboratory and performing feasibility studies to determine the potential benefits of AOT installations on a specific number of pumping stations on several pipeline systems.
Greggory M. Bigger, Chairman and CEO of QS Energy stated that the opportunities stem from upstream projects undertaken by two of the Middle East’s most prominent oil producers to step up production and improve delivery to market. "Based on our continuing interactions with these organizations, we believe that they are dedicated to implementing strategic, multi-pronged engineering programs to improve the existing pipeline infrastructure and deliver hydrocarbons more efficiently and cost-effectively to global markets," Mr. Bigger stated. "Our feasibility testing and AOT Case Study proposals will focus on the projected measurable performance efficiencies we believe we can bring to the extensive pipeline systems of these nations and how AOT may increase flow rates and reduce pipeline pressure drop, thereby minimizing delivery delays and bottlenecks."

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