Sadara increases specialty chemical production

Sadara Chemical Company (Sadara) has announced the production of commercial quantities of butyl glycol ether (BGE), which will be refined into several specialty chemicals that Sadara will be producing in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Sadara’s BGE plant is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The single‐train plant, one of 26 plants located in the company’s chemical complex in Jubail Industrial City II, will enable new manufacturing facilities to be established in Saudi Arabia.

The Sadara Butyl Glycol Ethers plant produces multiple grades of liquid derivatives including Butoxy Glycol Ether, Butoxy DiGlycol Ether, Butoxy Tri Glycol Ether and Butoxy Poly Glycol Ether. These derivatives have a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, including the production of industrial solvents, stain removers, plasticizers as well as agricultural crop protection applications.

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