Saudi Arabia discovers new natural gas fields

Saudi Aramco has discovered several new natural gas fields in the Central Region, the Empty Quarter, the Northern Border Region, and the Eastern Region, Minister of Energy Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman recently announced. 
The Shadun natural gas field was discovered in the Central Region, 180 kilometers (km) southeast of Riyadh after gas flowed from Shadun 1 well at a rate of 27 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD), in addition to 3,300 barrels of condensate.
The Shehab gas field was found in the Empty Quarter, 70 km southwest of Shaybah oil field after gas flowed from Shehab 1 well at 31 MMSCFD.
Al-Shorfa gas field was also discovered in the Empty Quarter, 120 km southwest Shaybah field, after gas flowed from Al-Shorfa-2 well at 16.9 MMSCFD with 50 barrels of condensate.
Umm Khanasser unconventional natural gas field was uncovered after the flow of gas from Umm Khanasser-1 well at a rate of 2 MMSCFD along with 295 barrels of condensate.
The Samna field of unconventional natural gas was found in the Eastern Region, where gas flowed from the Samna-2 well at a rate of 5.8 MMSCFD with 24 barrels of condensate.
Gas flowed from Samna 104001 at 11.6 MMSCFD plus 169 barrels of condensate, while gas flowed from Samna well-6 at 9.25 MMSCFD.
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