Saudi Aramco awards NPCC contract for Berri Oilfields

Saudi Aramco, one of the energy company in the world, has placed its confidence in the National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) by awarding a new contract for four Offshore Platforms and associated Submarine Pipelines, Cables and Tie Ins for Al Safaniya, Zuluf and Berri Oilfields. "These EPC contracts for Al Safaniya, Zuluf and Berri Oilfields include Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Load-out, Transportation, Installation, Hook-up and Pre-commissioning work of four Offshore Platforms (SSS Wellhead Decks) with the associated four Subsea Pipelines, three Submarine Cables and Downstream Tie-ins" said Mr. Aqeel A Madhi, CEO of NPCC.
Mr. Madhi added that this 3rd contract comes under the scope of the long-term agreement (LTA) between Saudi Aramco & NPCC, signed in October 2016, to help with offshore oil and gas producing platforms and related facilities in the Arabian Gulf. Saudi Aramco has signed a six year agreement with NPCC and other contactors. Under the agreement, contractors will be responsible for delivering a number of offshore oil and gas producing platforms, tie-in platforms, pipelines, power cables, and all the related facilities, as required under the current Master Plan for Saudi Aramco’s offshore fields.
Entering into such a strategic agreement with a global major, Saudi Aramco, is an endorsement of NPCC’s state-of-the-art expertise, Mr Madhi said. Mr. Madhi stated that carrying out these two new contracts will take 23 months and expressed his full confidence and trust in NPCC staff and their ability to deliver these projects on budget and schedule.

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