Sercel sells 508XT systems to Indian seismic companies

Sercel has recently delivered four of its new-generation 508XT land acquisition systems to two seismic companies recently awarded survey work in India by ONGC and Oil India, as part of a new national seismic program commissioned by the Indian government. The two Indian clients purchasing the 508XT are Advent, a new seismic company, and Alphageo, a long-standing player. Both companies will use the systems to conduct two surveys each in India. Both companies will benefit from the system’s unique fault-tolerant cross-technology (X-Tech®) architecture, which features local storage and automatic rerouting capabilities to maximize survey productivity.
Anuj Singla, Founder and Managing Director, Advent, said: “As a new seismic player, we were keen to purchase the industry’s most advanced acquisition system. The versatility of the 508XT means we can use it everywhere, in any environment and for any survey configuration. The one-system-for-all concept makes total sense for us.”
S.Balaji, Vice President Operations, Alphageo, said: “We are currently operating 13 seismic crews with Sercel equipment and are very satisfied with the quality of their products and exceptional customer support. We recently experienced the value of the 508XT’s unique functionalities when a cable was cut for several hours on one of our surveys. The system continued in autonomous recording mode, which meant that production was not affected and the stored data could be retrieved automatically once the cable had been changed. This is a definite plus for the continuity and reliability of our operations.”

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