Siemens to supply transformer substations, Bangladesh

Siemens has recently received an order from the state-run energy provider, Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB), to supply 46 transformer substations for Bangladesh. The order includes the design, delivery and installation as well as testing and commissioning of the substations, which have a voltage level of 33 and 11 kilovolts (kV). The equipment is intended to be used for the distribution grid in the states of Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet and increasingly supply rural areas with electricity. The order volume for Siemens is worth round EUR 40M.


"We are especially proud to have landed another order in the region and to help further electrify the country," says Ralf Christian, CEO of the Energy Management Division. "The order is one in a long series of infrastructure projects that Siemens has been able to complete successfully in Bangladesh." Siemens will build outdoor substations for the 33-kV voltage level and enclosed substations for the 11-kV voltage level. The scope of supply also includes the power transformers, the outdoor vacuum circuit-breakers with converters, the insulators with and without grounding switches, the converters for outdoor installation as well as 11-kV switchgear for indoor installation. The turnkey project involves cooperation between the two regional companies, Siemens Bangladesh and Siemens India, under the leadership of Siemens India. BREB is responsible for permanent electrification of the rural regions in Bangladesh and will help realize the Bangladesh government’s vision of achieving full coverage by 2021.

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