Structural design validation of ¼-turn elec. actuator

Cair Euromatic has now taken next step towards research and development of its electrical actuator products. We have adopted industry techniques and methods to engineer our products to attain optimal outputs without compromising significantly on cost. One of the recent engineering work we have conducted is the structural validation of our ATQ 30 quarter turn model.
The purpose or the objective of our research was to predict the structural failure of the body and the flange of actuator using analytical calculations and finite element analysis (FEA).
The body and the rest of the components were prior designed according to the electrical actuator standard IS 9334/IEC 15714-2. We have taken necessary assumptions for the FEA study which could be neglected for the failure of the body. The complete approach taken for the case study is: defining the functional aspects of the gear train used in the actuator; calculating forces and loads generated at the peak moving condition of the actuator; studying and analysing the surfaces and regions where the dynamic loads resulting from the worm gear pair, along with other loads such as mass loads and reaction forces. Applied the loads on the 3D model of the body and flange taken into consideration using FEA package.
After critically building the mesh with good quality, the results were computed and then interpreted with due diligence for errors and other type of failures. The safety factors and strength parameters were quite in the complying range for structural strength of Cair’s product. The actuator was then practically validating by performing cycle test of the same actuator.
This validated our study and increased our confidence in the quality of our product. This way, we have started conducting researches and case studies on our existing products for more improvement and to develop new products with resilient quality and innovative features.
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