Tata acquires silica business from Allied Silica

Tata Chemicals has announced the completion of acquisition of the silica business from Allied Silica. The company had recently entered into a business transfer agreement with Allied Silica to acquire their business of precipitated silica for a consideration of up to INR 123 crore on a slump sale basis. This acquisition is a part of the INR 295 crore investment approved by the board towards this specialty business.


This agreement includes the acquisition of an existing manufacturing site in Tamil Nadu, which will produce Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS). The specialty chemical product represents a downstream value addition to Tata Chemicals soda ash business, where it ranks among the top manufacturers globally.

Precipitated silica is a versatile product with applications in many industries including rubber, oral care, coatings and agrochemicals. The acquisition also offers the possibility to make value-added silica in the future for applications that demand high performance.

The technology for manufacturing HDS, for which eight patents have already been filed, has been developed at the Company’s Innovation Centre in Pune.

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