Valve World India Journal launched in Iran

Members of the international Valve World team were recently at the highly successful Oil & Gas show in Tehran, Iran, 4 – 8 May, 2016, where they offically launched the Valve World India Journal into the Iran market.  In addition to the vast  variety of Iranian end-user and EPC companies the Journal was distributed to  the many manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors from all around the world who had gathered to be at this very important event. Although attendance figures have still to be published – all signs are that with economic sanctions now being lifted, this will be the most successful Oil & Gas show in Iran to date. Among stand holders and visitors to the show, there was a great expectancy that business will soon be up and booming with Iran. Surprisingly, Indians companies were not there in full force, which was noticeable since most other countires in the world were very well represented, with particularly large numbers of participants coming from Korea and Europe, China, as nationalities vied to do business in this very luctrative market. The  first edition of the Valve World India Journal got widespread distribution and attention and at the Valve World booth and in the various halls at the event, the publication went like hotcakes into the hands of eager readers. Commenting on the reaction that the Valve World India Journal had at the event, Ms. Kay Creedon, the Valve World India Journal Director said: "The Valve World India Journal" definitely fills a gap in the information market not only for India but also for the whole of the Middle East region and Iran. It will provides a unique platform for the exchange of information about this vibrant region and for anyone wishing to do business there.

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